Food Waste reaches the cover of Sauce Magazine

The topic of food waste is featured in the April issue of Sauce Magazine and we couldn't be more proud to be featured in the article discussing how we see chef's playing a role in supporting the entire farming system as a way of reducing waste. Coming from Blue Hill at Stone Barns and being a part of the WastED project that was championed by our chef Dan Barber, this is a conversation that we have been deeply inspired by and are passionate about continuing in our new home in St. Louis. 

Whether it's working with cover crops like rye or clover that sustainable farms need to grow in order to support the soil, off cuts of meat, or ugly and less attractive (but still delicious!) produce, there are a variety of ways that we in the restaurant community can take otherwise wasted ingredients and turn them into a valued part of our cuisine, as well as a valued product for farmers. We have strived to introduce these concepts through dishes served at our pop-up dinners and look forward to expanding upon these ideas at our future brick and mortar restaurant. 

If you live in the St. Louis area, we encourage you to pick up a copy of Sauce magazine at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or market. Otherwise, the issue is available digitally and you can read our article here. 

Check out our pullet egg with weeds and donko shiitake mushrooms on the cover!